The TRNG simplified and improved

Dynamic monitoring and easy testing. These are features we have come to expect in modern devices. Yet they have been absent from the hardware random number generator market, until now.

ProtegoCertified offers the features mentioned above out of the box. No more worrying about device craches going unnoticed and no more worrying about if your device is really producing random numbers. In addition to this we offer a multitude of other services through ProtegoCertified such as a continuosly updated SDK(PSDK 2.0), technical documentation for license applications and extended warranty. ProtegoCertified will save you money on security, development, compliance and most importantly millions should something go wrong

Dynamic Monitoring

With ProtegoCertified you can monitor all your devices in an easy way. Insert a file into your server and it works out of the box. If your device stops you get an instant text message. Everything works through an easy to use web interface that you can access anywhere in the world. No more worrries, your safe with ProtegoCertified.


Testing TRNGs has been hard, complicated and most importantly the results have been hard to interpret for anyone who does not have a degree in statistics. With ProtegoCertified testing takes seconds and the results are presented in a easy to interpret way. All the results are logged for posterity so you can easily do security reviews and present a strategy for compliance.

Extended Warranty

Normal warranty for a ProtegoST device is 3 years and before a replacement can be sent you need to send your old device to us so we can make sure that the damage is not the result of malice on your part. With ProtegoCertified this warranty can be extended indefinitly and we will send you a new device as soon as you report that your device is broken.

PSDK 2.0

The PSDK is one of our more popular products. Through ProtegoCertified you can gain access to an extend, continuosly updated version with full support. This subscription is discounted for customers who have already purchased the normal sdk. Planned features include clustering of devices and MacOSX support.


We have all always offered a high level of support at ProtegoST but with ProtegoCertified you get so much more. Get 24/7 support from our trained staff, get instant help if something goes wrong with your PSDK-EVO, get help interpreting your test results or anything else that you can think of regarding your TRNG.

Compliance and logs

Compliance pressure in the gaming industry is mounting. One of the services within ProtegoCertified is a boatload of technical documentation that you can send to authorities proving that your TRNG is tested and safe. With ProtegoCertified you can also get remote access to your device logs and you get a full log of all your testing. Security audits just got a whole lot easier.

Why do i need it though?

Maybe your thinking about getting ProtegoCertified but your not quite sure if you really need it. After all you have been doing things the old fashion way before. Well with ProtegoCertified you get an extra layer of security that will give you an edge against all your competitors both in development speed and security. Hardware faults happen in even the best of devices and right now nobody is protected. In a world of gaming where compliance and security is becoming a big concern ProtegoCertified will help you a lot. Even if something never goes wrong ProtegoCertified might end up saving you loads of money on development and compliance. Should something go wrong ProtegoCertified could save you millions of dollars and users.

Get started

Since most of our customers want invoicing and since pricing of ProtegoCertified is heavily dependent on volume and what services you want we currently do not offer a standardized registration. Instead contact us through the phone number or email adress below and we will get back to you.

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