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Are you really random? Do you have a high value asset that is dependent on good quality random numbers such as a online gaming business or a prepaid sim card producer? Scroll down to learn more.

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Easy testing

Sending your device to a lab means several days of downtime. With ProtegoCertified you can get equivalent testing done in minutes on site.

Easy compliance

Spending to much time on adherence to regulations and keeping track of testing? With ProtegoCertified you have all of your tests, digitally signed available all the time.

Easy interpretation

Through the easy webinterface you can see your tests as a graph with several test indicators making interpretation easy.

The issue with only testing once

You are probably already using a true random number generator. The standard operating procedure has been to buy a "certified" true random number generator. Usually the certification is made on one or two devices supplied to the certifying lab by the manufacturer. Maybe ten years ago! However, electronic devices can fail and there could be differences in quality from device to device manufactured. Time is also a essential factor. A true random number generator can age. Drift in component values can make the device less random. Failure in one component can take the device outside specifications.

Industry standard compliance

ProtegoST has manufactured true random number generator since the mid-nineties. So we have now been in business for more than twenty-five years. Our experience is that few devices fail, but when they do, the consequences could be dire.

The issue with classic statistical testing

We have for a long time delivered the statistical testing software Diehard with our products. It could be considered to be the gold standard for statistical testing of randomness. The problem and the benefit with the Diehard test is that it was written by a professor in pure and applied Mathematics. It's not easy to use and the results can be difficult for a non-mathematician to interpret.

User friendly Software-as-a-service

With ProtegoCertified you can easily test and verify that your device is in compliance. When you use the system, the test results are summarized in a easy-to-interpret statistical chart. The evaluation of the measured values is made by the system automatically. You do not have to learn statistical analysis! You can focus on your core business. Additionally, all tests are digitally signed. So you can keep track of your testing and assure that a specific test can be tied to a specific device. This is a requirement in many legislation's. You can use the solution with other manufactures devices to. You do not need to buy a ProtegoST device. However we will be happy if you do. The system is based on the original truly tested Diehard Fortran code from 1985. But it wraps it up in a user-friendly modern SaaS based environment. Could it be better?

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ProtegoST - Delivering solutions since 1995

ProtegoST has manufactured true random number generator since the mid-nineties. So we can honestly say that we know one or two things about true random number generators. We also know a lot about statistical testing and we have demanding customers, who inspired us to build this easy to implement and easy to use solution.

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