How to use Protego Certified

To use Protego Certify is easy and contains primarily two steps:

1. On the client side generate a random number file.

2. On the server side upload the generated file and test.

On the client side you can choose to add a serial number for the device. If you use a SG100 EVO-USBâ„¢ this is done automatically. This number is added to the random number file and optionally digitally signed by you. This is so you can verify what device was tested at a specific time. A audit trail that is digitally verified then exists and can be retrieved at all times. Below we will show you how it works step by step.

Generate the random number file on the client side

Before you begin, you need to connect your hardware random number generator to the host computer. Open a command window in the same folder that the software is installed. Run the command testdev on the command line. This command may take approximately 15 minutes to execute. It may take some time to collect the random numbers needed for testing. By modifying the command file yourself, you can add or remove functions, as for example digital signing of the file. If you have a device from another manufacturer, you can adapt the this script file to suit your needs. When the program has finished. You should you have a random number file called random.kfy in the same folder. This file is now ready to upload to the server for testing.

The digital signature

The digital signature is used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a the random number file. It can securely answer the question of who tested a specific device and when. This creates a legally binding, non-reputable signature and ensures the integrity of the random number file once it is signed. The digital signature is added to the file along with time and serial number automatically when running the testdev command. The signature is connected to specific individual that has been given the right to sign. Therefore you can always track by who and when the device was tested. This creates a non-reputable audit trail, that ensures that all legal and regulatory requirements are upheld.
In this short example, we assume that you are already logged in to the digital signing system.

Select or create a new device

After you log in to the server, you are greeted by a screen where you can select or add a device. In this case, we will choose a device that was created earlier. This is so that we can later show several test results. You can add things like the name of the device, location, model etc. You can add testresults from all brands of random number generators here.

Upload and test the file

The first thing that you see when selecting the device is an overview with a diagram of the last test performed for the specific device. On the far right you will see a table with the device test history. There you can see all of the previous of the device. You can also check the raw test data in detail and save it to your computer. You can also check who previously tested it and when by showing the digital signature.
To test you must first select the Choose file button and select the random number file that has been generated on the client previously. In this case the file is named random.kfy. When the file is uploaded. Select the button Test Device. You then have to wait a few minutes for the result to be showed on your screen. The diagram shows the results for the statistical test performed. The blue line is the ideal line. The red line is the actual measured values. The closer the red line is to the blue. The better it is.
We are more than happy to get the possibility to talk to you further and explain more about how the testing is done and how to interpret the results.

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